Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Alvin's Attempted Suicide

Jordan carries his Alvin doll with him all over the place. I kinda feel sorry for the doll, actually. Because Jordan does not cuddle and love it like one would expect to treat such a beloved object. No, instead Jordan will slam Alvin's head on the ground as he walks or throw him over and over. He's not a violent child, he just gets excited and likes to take out his extra energy on the poor chipmunk.

So today, Alvin finally had it. While Jordan was bouncing on the bed, Alvin jumped out of Jordan's grasp and lodged himself in the ceiling fan. But to no avail. Jordan summoned help immediately and Alvin was reunited with his abuser, I mean friend.

While up there, I did notice how completely nasty the fan blades were. At least an inch of dust had accumulated here. So I took the opportunity to clean them while Jordan resumed throwing Alvin in the air.

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Wynter said...

thats funny, Im sure he has a love hat relationship with him as most of us do with close friends and mostly spouses. ;)