Saturday, December 26, 2009

Will Scrapbook for Food

This weekend, my sister and I were discussing how much we wished that we could trade our talents for the other persons' (she cooks well and I get my scrapbooks done.) This was the beginning of our "idea."

She will make me a freezer meal in exchange for a scrapbook layout. (Two layouts if she supplies the paper and embellishments.) When my mom caught word of our arrangement, she wanted in on it too. So I will be receiving meals from two wonderful cooks in exchange for what I love to do. What could be better?

Well, I thought I'd put the offer out to anyone else that is interested. If you'd like some scrapbooking done in exchange for your cooking skills, I'm game. Seriously. What would be better than trading with someone for something you need? If you want to play, let me know.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Heros....Guitar Heros

Jordan will be a musician someday, I just know it. While at an arcade in Las Vegas, he spotted the Guitar Hero game. Of course, he wanted to play it. But since he doesn't quite know what he's doing, he needed a little help. So daddy played the guitar that was actually in the game while Jordan jammed out on the other one. (This ensured that the game would not end in 3 seconds.)

My men-they had so much fun!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cornbelly's 2009

One of our favorite fall traditions is to visit Cornbelly's before Halloween. This is where we visit the "Big Scary" and jump on the big pillow. This year, Lily, Kari and Grandma came along. We went early in the day and avoided the rush of weekend people. We had a fantastic time!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Afro

Yes, I admit...I've always wanted an afro. This weekend, I decided to go for it. Here's how it turned out.

I hope that I will like it for awhile. Those curls are so tight I think they'll stay with me for a good long time. Woo-hoo!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Funny's Coming Out!

So, moms-you'll appreciate this. When I get frustrated with my son because he's being naughty or not going to sleep or something equally heinous, I'll scold him and tell him it's not funny. (Usually because his response to my scolding is a darling little half-grin. I can't blame him, I'm sure I look like a nut when I'm on my rants.)

So, anyway, a few days ago we experienced an especially tough afternoon and he would NOT take a nap. As I was tucking him into bed for the forty third time, his little eyes peeked up at me over his hands which were tightly pressed over his mouth. I asked him what was wrong and he mumbled something behind those hands. More frustrated, I asked him what he said again. This time, he separated his fingers just enough to allow a few words to sneak through. He said, with that same dangerous smile, but with serious eyes, "my funny is coming out" and then he quickly put his hands back over his mouth to not allow any funny to come out.

I laughed out loud, scooped him up out of bed and tickled like a mad woman. Gosh, that kid!

Monday, June 15, 2009


One day, Jordan was happily pulling out random items from the linen closet. As he stumbled across one item, he shreaked with joy. "Mom, look! It's a rattlesnake!" that caught my immediate attention. I was reassured to see that he had only found an old sock filled with rice. You know what I'm talking about. You heat the sock up slightly and put it on your aching muscles. They are great not only for that, but it looks like they entertain children as well.

So, this even happened over a month ago. I thought he might have gotten over his new friend, but they have actually grown pretty close. Jordan tucks rattlesnake into bed at night, makes me brush his teeth (and I found out one day after a fit of laughter that I was brushing the wrong end of him), and tuck him in for naps.

On the way to school, Jordan asked if rattlesnake could come with me to the store (my usual routine while Jordan attends preschool.) Of course, I was thrilled to have the company. So upon arriving at school, Jordan hopped out of his carseat and buckled rattlesnake carefully in his place. I smiled to myself while peaking back in the rearview mirror. I'm such a lucky mama.