Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jordan & Pyper's Bath

Ashlie stayed over last night with Pyper. Today is our semi-annual pilgrimage to the Scrapbook Expo. We're super excited!

So, anyway-last night we put Miss Pypes and J in the bath together. Jordan has been taught by his daddy how to clean his crack. And he always does. But this time, he made sure to clean his cousin's crack too! Pyper didn't seem to mind, though. She just let him scrub away while she smiled for the camera.

What cute kids we have! And when they're old enough, they will kill me for this post.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Basement Progress

About three weeks ago, we started work on our basement. (Well, not US-we have a wonderful subcontractor doing it.) So far, it's gone very fast and we've been thrilled. I am so excited to have it finished. We'll have a guest bedroom, bathroom, family room and theater room. (Yes, that's the Man Room.) It will be nice to have a 100% completed home. We're having family here in December, so this will really be a good thing. Yipee!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's BUDGET Time!!

I'm so excited when I can save money. And when I can convince my dear husband that my penny pinching habits are not so bad, I'm even more thrilled. So when he agreed to let me create a tracking sheet and budget, I went all out. I have created a nifty little spreadsheet that I input all our spending into and it calculates how I am doing at keeping up with the budget. If anyone is interested in a copy, I'd be happy to share it. It's cool.

This weekend my parents came out for a quick visit. My mom's uncle died, so they cam out to attend the funeral. We got to spend some time with them and hopefully convince them to move back. We'd sure like to have them here. So if you guys are reading this....STOP! Go get packing and get back here. Seriously.

So, I got a new computer and it doesn't have a program to edit my photos on it...yet. But I'll work on it soon and get some pics uploaded. I just realized we didn't take any pictures with mom and dad were here. I guess they have a reason to come back-FOREVER!

I was invited this week to visit an office and sell my scrapbooks. I left there with nearly 300 dollars in custom orders. So if you don't see new things posted often, it's probably because I am working on things that are already ordered. But if you want something, let me know. I can always fit you in.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bock Bock, Chicken Pock!

Well, the "spider bites" on Jordan's arm and legs got bad enough that I took him to the doctor. After one quick glance, he said they were chicken pox! Jordan had the vaccination when he was one year old, so this should only be a minor case. So far, he has not been scratching them or bothered at all. I'm hoping that does not change. Well, he is very contagious. We will be sequestered to the house until he does not sprout anymore bumps. Feel free to call, write or otherwise communicate with I will not be able to venture into public with him for a few days.

This gives me time to really hunker down and get more stuff made. The holiday season is approaching, and I will be busy before I know it. I really need to boost up my inventory before the shows I'll be doing. No better time than now!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Color Me BAD

Yes, that's Jordan's artwork on my wood floor. You're lucky I didn't take a snapshot of the mess he made with his dirty diaper. At least both were washable. Little stinker.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Yep, it's my birthday. And to start the day off, I watched the sunrise from my bedroom patio. It was beautiful. This past week, we've had Aaron's mom stay with us. We had a great time visiting the Farmer's Market downtown and doing yardwork. Yay! I got some ivy planted.

But anyway, back to the important stuff. My birthday. So, if you haven't gotten me a present yet, don't worry. You can visit my shop and pick something up for yourself. I'd love to make some sales on my birthday.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Meet Dustin

I have a younger brother that I just recently met. His name is Dustin. He's an absolute sweetheart, and his wife and daughter are babes! I'm so excited to have them in our lives. We met for a picnic yesterday and got this lovely photo. We'll certainly have more in the future as we get together again.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Look Back In Time

Wow, how time flies! My little man is turning three in a few months. I feel so old! (Nah, not really, but the grey hairs I found today don't make me feel better.) Anyway, I found this old clip of Jordan in his "chunkier" days. You can't blame the flab on lack of activity-this kid was a bouncer!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ahhh, Saturday

Dear Saturday,

Thank you for showing up once a week. You always come just in time; when I'm tired of the work days, and everything that leads up to you. I love how you don't complain if I want to sleep in (although Jordan sure does!) You are also forgiving if I want to just stay in my "comfy clothes" and not even glance at my makeup bag.

Although you would be perfectly satisfied with me lounging about, I appreciate your acceptance of my OCD tendencies. I love to use you as a day to get chores done. When I was younger, I used to hate chores. But now I rather enjoy them. I feel fulfilled and accomplished when things are in order and done.

My one complaint about you, Saturday, is that you never stay long enough. Goodness knows Monday wears out its welcome. But you leave before I was even getting used to you. The one good thing is that I know you'll return next week.

Until then, I'll have my pretty pink toenails to remind me of you.