Thursday, May 31, 2007

House For Sale

Yesterday we put our house on the market. It is bittersweet, because we have been here for so long and love our friends and neighbors. But we are also excited for our new home and the adventures that await us. Within a few hours, I already had two families tour the place!

This morning I had the carpets cleaned, so it's looking pretty good! I think it will only be a matter of weeks, maybe days before this place goes. *sigh*

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

man car

It was bound to happen. The Man needed a Man Car. Here it is. The angry looking, black bundle of testosterone. Meet "Black" (as named by Jordan).

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Our Cute Little Family

No, we didn't drug Jordan...he made that darling face on his own.

Last night Aaron was sworn in with the Saratoga Springs Police Department. We're so excited for this new adventure! It seems like a great group of people and a wonderful opportunity.

We're starting to look for houses in the area. We have our eyes on one in particular... we'll see what happens!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

TAG, I'm IT!!

I've been blog-tagged. (Actually, I was tagged several days ago, but am just now getting around to it.) How it works is once you are tagged, you write seven things about yourself in your blog. You then tag seven others to do the same. Look to the bottom of this post to see those that I have tagged. Have fun!

1) I am a novice sign language interpreter. I took a few classes, but mostly learned from the people. I enjoy opportunities to interpret occasionally.

2) I HATE cheese. All kinds. Except for Western Family Mac N Cheese or low doses of cottage cheese. Other than that, I can't stand the stuff.

3) I have two adopted sisters from China. My parents have five biological children, then the two girls they adopted. We're a wild bunch!

4) I am an obsessive frugal, penny pinching, bean counting, coupon cutting cheapskate. I will use something up or wear it out far beyond it's use before replacing it. I also try very hard not to spend money. I guess I'm hoping to put it all away for retirement or my son.

5) I am allergic to clutter. Too much stuff puts me into hysteria. I don't save much of anything, and sometimes it gets me into trouble. I've been known to throw away important papers or keepsakes in the name of clutter. Don't leave your crap out for me to find...or you may lose it forever!

6) I'm a great singer. Too bad you'll never hear me, though. My only audience is the shampoo bottle and bar of soap in the shower.

7) I'm finally liking my short haircut. I've kept it long for so many years, I needed a change. It's been very easy to do in the morning, but not all that attractive. (Come on, you know you've wanted to tell me so.) But it's finally taking on a style that I like. Now I have to figure out how to stop it from growing so darn fast.

OK, enough about me. Now let's hear about YOU!! Check out these awesome blogs to learn interesting facts about these folks:



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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Murray High Arts Fest-What A Blast!

Well, I'm back. I spent yesterday at Murray High School's fourth annual Art's Fest. They invited several local artists to demonstrate their work and sell it at the event. I had such a great time showing the students how to put together the accordion albums. I'm hoping to be invited again next year. It's fun to get back into the High School scene....and not have to be a teenager all over again.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pimpin' My Ride

Check me out! Thanks to I now have my URL on my vehicle. So if you spot me around town, wave and smile!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Come Learn How to Make My Scrapbooks!

Join me this Friday, May 18th from 9am to 3pm at Murray High School for the Murray High School Arts Fest (5540 South State Street.) I'll be demonstrating how to make the accordion style scrapbooks that I sell in my shop, If you'd like to make one yourself, I'll provide the supplies and instruction for only $5.00! Or, if you'd prefer to buy them already made, I'll have them for sell as well.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I Love Messy Faces

Today Jordan went to his first friend birthday party. HIs favorite part, or course, was the cake. It had orange frosting, so it matched his shorts perfectly!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Life Changing Decisions

We found out yesterday that Aaron has been offered a job at the Saratoga Springs Police Department. He applied for this a few months ago and has been going through the long process to be considered. Of course, he accepted and is very excited! It's bittersweet, though. He loves where he is now and the people he works with. But the move will be an advance in his career and is a great opportunity.

For now, we will stay where we are. But in the fall we may consider moving. For the next couple weeks I'll help him tie up loose ends and then get him ready for a new place!


Monday, May 7, 2007

Just Hangin'

I know this picture is super blurry, but the pool room was very foggy and this pretty much captures what it looked like in real life. My boy hangin' on the edge of the pool.
This weekend, we went to visit my sister and her husband in Logan for their baby's blessing. We stayed at a nearby hotel and took advantage of the pool.

P.S. I'm in a better mood today. But only slightly.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

grumpy me

I'm having a bad day. No reason. Nothing in particular is going wrong. Maybe it's the weather. It's cold and rainy. I like rain, but not cold. And I keep dropping things. Have you ever noticed when your day is going rather crappily that you can't hold anything? It all jumps out of your hands. Like even the object you are holding doesn't want to be around you. But I digress.

We are going up to Logan this afternoon to stay the night. Tomorrow my little niece, Pyper, is being blessed. It should be a fun occasion. My mom made the blessing dress. I hear that it's four feet long. For a 3 month old girl. Yikes! But it's rumored to be beautiful.

When I read this post back to myself, it even has a grumpy undertone. I do apologize for that. If you want to make me happy, go shopping on my site. I always do a happy dance when I sell something. (Well, after I stare at the computer screen in awe that someone actually paid money for something I made.)

I hope to be in better spirits tomorrow. We'll see....

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Impatient Stinker

Jordan learned how to climb in (and sometimes out) of the tub when we visited my family in Ohio last month. I forget that he knows how. So when I started the bath and went down the hall to get his jammies and a diaper, I should have known that he would climb in. Clothes and all.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Me and my boys

Since I'll probably refer to them often, you should get acquainted with my husband, Aaron and our son, Jordan.

Jordan turned two in January and is a bundle of energy. He keeps us busy with things most two year olds do. He loves to sing and is learning sign language (his parents are both fluent in ASL.) In the mornings, Jordan goes to preschool and makes art projects, sings songs and eats snacks. He loves it.

While Jordan is learning his ABC's, mommy goes to work for a staffing company. I do various administrative tasks for the national organization. Sometimes I coordinate new office openings, create presentations or run and share weekly data. It sounds boring, but I love it!

Aaron is a full time police officer and part time radio DJ. He keeps busy with all his jobs and activities.

Well, Jordan just woke from his nap, so I am off to hang out at the playground.


Well fine, then. I'll BLOG!!!

I don't consider myself a dummy when it comes to computers. But I've not felt the strong "urge" to join the millions of folks on the internet that "blog." Until now. I guess I've just heard enough about them and seen some pretty cool ones that I finally decided.."what the heck." So here I am.

I have been pretty good about writing in a journal religiously since I was about 10 years old. But lately I've slacked. Actually, I do keep up with recording what goes on in my life-but more in a scrapbook than actually writing it out.

So, we'll see. Maybe this will take and I'll keep up on things. Maybe not. But throw some love my way, and I'm sure it will help motivate me to keep coming back.