Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Funny's Coming Out!

So, moms-you'll appreciate this. When I get frustrated with my son because he's being naughty or not going to sleep or something equally heinous, I'll scold him and tell him it's not funny. (Usually because his response to my scolding is a darling little half-grin. I can't blame him, I'm sure I look like a nut when I'm on my rants.)

So, anyway, a few days ago we experienced an especially tough afternoon and he would NOT take a nap. As I was tucking him into bed for the forty third time, his little eyes peeked up at me over his hands which were tightly pressed over his mouth. I asked him what was wrong and he mumbled something behind those hands. More frustrated, I asked him what he said again. This time, he separated his fingers just enough to allow a few words to sneak through. He said, with that same dangerous smile, but with serious eyes, "my funny is coming out" and then he quickly put his hands back over his mouth to not allow any funny to come out.

I laughed out loud, scooped him up out of bed and tickled like a mad woman. Gosh, that kid!


Becky Driggs said...

Precious moments like that make it ALL worth while.
Watch out though last night Lily asked what time it was and when told it was 5 she said "damnit I amgoing to be late!"

Ashlie said...

Ok, that is adorable! I love it.

I love the rattlesnake too. How clever. I need him closer to me. I wish we lived closer. It could be worse though. For sure:) I'll take all teh time I can with him.