Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Potty Training

Yes, gang....it's that time. I have had it up to here (points to head) with cleaning up poop from the walls and crib. Not to mention the expense and hassle of diapers. So we are taking the plunge and putting on our big boy pants.

Jordan has done very well since we moved with going pee pee on the potty when I change his diaper. We just haven't pushed it very hard. But I am getting low on diapers and refuse to buy more. So it's time to kick it into high gear.

As we speak, Jordan and daddy are at the Arctic Circle enjoying a "go play." It's his first outing without a diaper. Cross your fingers. If anyone has any sound wisdom on this experience, feel free to share. I'll keep you updated-as long as I am not cleaning up poop all day!


Dianne said...

Nycole - I love the picture of Jordan. Just give him lots of liquids and head to the toilet every half hour. He'll get the hang of it. (even if it means peeing in his pants - he'll figure it out it's not a nice feeling.) Payton on the other hand has her own special travel "potty chair" because the seats on the toilets are huge and she thinks she might "fall in". Keep up the great work.

Ashlie said...

He is so cute. He looks just like a little man going potty. I love it.

Cheree said...

Hooray for Jordan!!! He is getting so big!!!
You need to post pics of your new house!! :)