Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Day At the Zoo

Last week, my sister, Ashlie and I took our kids to the zoo. It was such a trip down memory lane! This was the same zoo our mom took us to while we were growing up. Many things have changed, but a few things have not.

Jordan's favorite part of it all was the train. Grandma Diane sent him a conductor hat, which he LOVES. He wears it all the time! And on the train was no exception. Even little Pyper enjoyed the zoo.

We found out that next week, the cast from "Signing Times" will be there. This is the series of videos in sign language that Jordan adores. He calls it "cheese" because they do a song about pizza and end with a big loud "CHEESE." I will definitely be taking him to the show.

I know I have had requests to put pictures up of the new house. I'm lame...but I'll do it. Sorry for the delay. I've been spending the last little while preparing for the big "Erin's Slumber Party" that will be this Friday. I'll be doing a workshop on making my scrapbooks, along with selling them. I hope it's a good turnout-last year I did pretty well. I'll give you an update later.

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Ashlie said...

Good luck on the show. We aren't coming down...Sorry. I know it would've been so nice to have some help with J-man, but we've been gone for the last 3 weekends, and our garden, garage, house is all a mess, and all need our attention desperately. I love you topieces. Good luck. You are MORE than welcome to bring the J miester up here for the night:)!