Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's BUDGET Time!!

I'm so excited when I can save money. And when I can convince my dear husband that my penny pinching habits are not so bad, I'm even more thrilled. So when he agreed to let me create a tracking sheet and budget, I went all out. I have created a nifty little spreadsheet that I input all our spending into and it calculates how I am doing at keeping up with the budget. If anyone is interested in a copy, I'd be happy to share it. It's cool.

This weekend my parents came out for a quick visit. My mom's uncle died, so they cam out to attend the funeral. We got to spend some time with them and hopefully convince them to move back. We'd sure like to have them here. So if you guys are reading this....STOP! Go get packing and get back here. Seriously.

So, I got a new computer and it doesn't have a program to edit my photos on it...yet. But I'll work on it soon and get some pics uploaded. I just realized we didn't take any pictures with mom and dad were here. I guess they have a reason to come back-FOREVER!

I was invited this week to visit an office and sell my scrapbooks. I left there with nearly 300 dollars in custom orders. So if you don't see new things posted often, it's probably because I am working on things that are already ordered. But if you want something, let me know. I can always fit you in.


Jen said...

Is it really geeky to admit that I love spreadsheets too?! I tend to break them out more and more these days :)

Congrats on all the custom orders too, your work is gorgeous :)


I'm tagging you! Woo!

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Happy meme-ing!

~ Jen :)

Ashlie said...

Yes for the budget! Thanks I love it, and can't wait to start using it-next month:)

Gregg and Becky said...

Yahoo budget time!! This might make your Christmas present a bit smaller but oh well it will be from the heart.