Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bock Bock, Chicken Pock!

Well, the "spider bites" on Jordan's arm and legs got bad enough that I took him to the doctor. After one quick glance, he said they were chicken pox! Jordan had the vaccination when he was one year old, so this should only be a minor case. So far, he has not been scratching them or bothered at all. I'm hoping that does not change. Well, he is very contagious. We will be sequestered to the house until he does not sprout anymore bumps. Feel free to call, write or otherwise communicate with I will not be able to venture into public with him for a few days.

This gives me time to really hunker down and get more stuff made. The holiday season is approaching, and I will be busy before I know it. I really need to boost up my inventory before the shows I'll be doing. No better time than now!


Gregg and Becky said...

I think Kari has them too. It will be a great time for you to work on books and it would be so cool if you had asian paper.

Ashlie said...

good luck. Miss Pypes is sooo sick. She didn't nap yesterday at all, I am oping she'll take 2 today so I can make some stuff too!

Wynter said...

Sad, I hope he gets to feelin better... I miss you guys, and I really need to stop by soon :)