Thursday, October 4, 2007

Garbage Day!

I love garbage day. It's a day when I can feel "reborn" sort of. Out with the old garbage...begin with a clean slate. Yes, I know I am beyond strange. But you love me anyway, right? Right?!

Can you imagine my delight when Jordan began to display the same love of garbage day? I can't say that he loves it for the same reasons, since he runs to the window and watches intently as the truck comes noisily down the street. He giggles as it picks up each can and tips it upside down. But I smile inwardly just knowing we share in this happy day...even if for different reasons.


Ashlie said...

Truck! I lvoe that kid:)

Gregg and Becky said...

It is great tohave something in common with your child so you can share in the joy even if the joy isn't quite the same it is still fun. Just like Ashlie and I love to shop and you and I love to talk on the phone. :)

Anonymous said...

Like your post. I am a garbage collector...think its cool that you share the same excitement as your son on garbage day. You ever outside when the guys are throwing your stuff into the back and chat with them>

I Am Nycole said...

Hey anonymous,
It's fun to hear a different point of view. No, I have never had a chance to chat with the man that collects our garbage. He sits in the big truck and pulls a lever... I was thinking about making him some cookies or something that we could take out to him. I wonder if that would be too weird or if he'd appreciate it. (Assuming he likes chocolate chips.)

Anonymous said...

Chocolate chip cookies would be very nice and I am sure he would appreciate it -- I know I would. I work on a truck where we throw everything into the back. Guess you have a fancy automated pick up :).

You ever see the truck crush the trash? We get a lot of people who stop to watch that, you'd be surprised.

I found these links of the type of truck I use on YouTUbe.