Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Home Sweet Home

OK, we've been here in the new house since the end of June. And I'm now finally getting around to post a picture. I really wanted to do it before snow hit, so I'm getting down to crunch time.
Anyway- here it is. Home Sweet Home. We love it. Our basement will be finished in few weeks, and then we'll really love it! For the past few days the rest of the house has been covered in a thin layer of dust while the walls were being sanded and whatever else they do. Anyone that knows my OCD tendencies can understand what a nightmare this has been for me. But it will all be worth it soon.


Dustin & Jen said...

i think your house looks beautiful

Wynter said...

Can I just tell you how much I love your new house... You need to give me an addy and oneday Travis and I will have to stop by and all go to dinner or something ;) love you!