Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Let's Have a Party!!

Are you interested in learning how you could get free scrapbooks from my shop? It's easy! Host a party! You can earn 10% on your friends' purchases to use on products from my store. Do you work? If so, I'd love to come by your office and show your co-workers how fun and easy it is to buy my pre-made scrapbooks.

If you haven't heard, I'm also offering my custom scrapbooking services. You provide me with the pictures and their details; I'll give you finished scrapbook pages. This is a great way to get caught up or just get started. (This terrific service also makes great wedding gifts for the newlyweds-I love making wedding albums.)

Book a show with me soon-my schedule is filling up quickly with shows. By the way, my mom and I have teamed up our efforts. She makes awesome handbags. Check her out. She'd also available to do home parties-or we can come together!

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Nicole said...

Hi Nycole,

I found your blog via Etsy...I was interested to see what else is going on in the "paper goods" department. I've just opened my second etsy shop (first "beadwhimsy" and now "littleshoebox") and really like your stuff. So adorable. We also have two other things in common: our names (mine is with an "I") and our husbands' occupations. :) Anyway, just thought it was interesting to have a few things in common.

Happy Etsy-ing ;)

Nicole in Tucson