Saturday, February 16, 2008

When Mom's Away the Boys Will.....

Wear pink pajamas and go to McDonalds for a late night snack!!! Busted, Daddy!

OK, back up. Here's the story. I am tending my little sisters for the weekend while my parents are in Las Vegas. I took Jordan with me to spend the night, but Aaron was home and bored, so he called and offered to come get Jordan and bring him back home. I liked this plan, since that way I wouldn't have to share a room with the J-man. (Not that I don't like to share a room with him, but if I'm near him, he won't sleep. He wants to play.) So, I had dressed Jordan in Kari's jammies since I had not brought his along with us. This pleased Aaron so much, that he promised pictures.

This morning, when Aaron brought little pink boy back to me at my parents' house, Jordan was very excited about getting pop and fries and chicken. I wondered what he was talking about, but Aaron was outta there and gone before I could ask. Hmm. Then, when I came home later today, I saw the camera in the kitchen (not in it's usual spot) and took a look. Sure enough, there was the evidence on the "boy's night out."

This is not the first time Aaron's been caught, though. When we had a shitzu dog, Aaron once fed her some hamburger from our sloppy joes. People food was strictly forbidden, and he knew he was risking death by feeding it to her. So, when he heard me coming down the hall, toward the kitchen, he dropped a piece of the hamburger in the dog's water so she would dunk her face in to try to get it. (Baby's fur was white, and the sloppy joe was, well sloppy, and gave away her little treat.) I instantly saw what had happened. They both slept in the doghouse that night.


Melinda said...

well, at least pink is not his color. That is HILARIOUS!!!!

Ashlie said...

Whats best is that the door knob right above his head looks like a pony tail! ROFL!!!

New story about baby, I didn't know that:)

Ashlie said...

HELLO? is anyone out there? This is your blog talking to you....I am feeling rather neglected right now. I am very lonesome and sad. I need some proper care and attention. It has been a little while. I think you are probably spending your time with Jordan, your husband, and your work, but I need you too! Please come back to me.