Friday, October 17, 2008

Big Scary

OK, I've slacked on posting for a few months. Sorry!!

Yesterday we went to Cornbelly's for our annual fall tradition. Last year, Aaron took Jordan through the "creature" which is this giant inflatable dragon thing that you walk through. It's got scary music and sounds playing and it's very dark inside. Jordan called it the big scary and talked about it constantly.

This year, when we got there, Jordan saw the Big Scary off in the distance. He clung tightly to my leg, but said he wanted to go see it. When we got close enough to hear the music, he changed his mind. But when we started to walk away, he kept turning back. He finally settled on sitting on the ground next to the Big Scary and watching it. Every once in a while, he'd get the courage to go poke it and then run back to me. We spent at least fifteen minutes sitting there watching this thing.

Finally, we were able to go play and do other things. Jordan went on various slides and kiddie rides. Aaron took him on the cow train ride and then out for ice cream.

So, this year we did not go in the Big Scary. But at least Jordan can sleep peacefully at night.


Jennifer said...

Hi Nycole! That is so funny. :) As I remember, my little girls were terrified of the Big Scary last year when we went to CornBellys' too. They skipped that attraction as well.

Dianne said...

Nycole - I can't believe how big Jordan is! Those are some great pictures. Hope all is well with your family. I love your blog.

Wynter said...

He is getting so big and adorable! Im sorry I haven’t called, my hours are all screwed up with being sick and Travis working nights I basically sleep all day and Im sure you dont want me to call you in the middle of the night. But I love you and will call you back. =)