Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Naked Workout

....so, I bought this aerobic workout video. But who uses it more? Me or Jordan? You guessed it-Jordan! Today instead of taking a much needed shower, he put in the "exercise" video and went to town. While sitting at my desk attempting to get some work done, I was overcome with laughter at how serious he was in following the moves-naked and all!

Oh, he's going to hate me some day!


Becky Driggs said...

So you now have a naked room. I am proud of that little guy working hard to stay in shape.

Ashlie said...

NICE! I love it. I can totally see him doing his jumps and switching his legs in the air. All the while doing some punching!
Thanks again, for the reminder on the Reeces eggs. I ate an entire package of them...in one day! Yuck. I am going to really have to work off this extra candy action once the baby comes.