Saturday, April 18, 2009

Paper Wreathes

Check out the prototype for my newest creation...the paper wreath. I'm thinking about making a bunch of these for my show next week...whaddya think? Is this something you'd buy for your house? How much would you be willing to spend? It's about 12 inches across and cost me exactly six dollars to make.

I'd love any feedback I can get before I make these. Maybe I'm the only one that thinks it's pretty cute?


Papa said...

My brainstorm idea that kept me up all night is to put a small tag opposite the flower. It can have a word on it or be blank or even have a letter like R for Rosen yo get the idea. You could even put a picture of something there llike do baby paper and put the baby's picture there after born.

Ashlie said...

The paper is going to make or break this for sure. There are a couple pieces of paper on that wreath that are hanging a little lower than the rest-it makes it less of a circle. If there is any way to get rid of those-make them shorter, or make them fit into the circle better. I dont know if I'm making sense...

I think its cute. As for how much I'd spend on it...gosh I have no idea. You could for sure at least charge 12. I LOVE that it hangs on color coordinating ribbon. That is a big plus for it. And that paper is adorable.

The two sided paper would be a good investment too (did you already do this?). I like it.

How long did it take you? That will have more to do with how much you charge too. I guess this one would have taken longer because it was your first one, and you'll get better as you make more and more. But, overall I love it and the colors are awesome on this one! Great idea. Good luck:)

Nycole said...

Mom-great idea. I'll play around with it this afternoon. I have a few hours of quiet!

Ashlie-yes, I noticed that too. I had an idea in church today that should fix it. I'm going to try it and see if that helps.

Yes, the paper is double sided and that's all I would use. It took me about an hour to make, but I bet I can do it more efficiently as I get better at it.

Thanks for your comments!

Flynn Fam 6 said...

It's real cute! You could use it in so many ways to decorate, to celebrate, or as a tribute to someone. The idea about making a baby themed one with photo was great. I think people would go for that. You could do something as a tribute to someone and put a photo of the deceased, or holiday themed would be cute. I like the idea of putting your first letter of your last name, that is great. I think somewhere in between $12-$15 is fair. Would you not want to make this with fabric? Just a thought! I like it though~