Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Bad Influence

Since Jordan was about three months old, he's been a thumb sucker. Shortly after discovering his thumb, he found that his pointer finger fit nicely in his nose at the same time. So he has assumed this position whenever he is tired and ready to sleep. He gets that distant look in his eyes, fingers take their places and his head tilts sideways slightly.

Although I think he's adorable, I'm sure other parents don't want their children following the example of my little brain excavator. So imagine my horror (or hidden enjoyment) when I saw Pyper doing the same thing. I caught her three times, but of course did not have a camera handy or available fast enough. So, I posed the two on the counter after lunch and convinced them to reenact their thumb suck nose pick stance. Jordan had no problem getting into position, but Pyper, being less practiced, made her own variation.

Either way-I'm sorry Andy and Ashlie! I may have created a monster! But she's still cute!


Becky Driggs said...

I remember whaen that little hand andx fingers fit so perfectly and now he has to make a bit of an adjustment to make the fit. I am sure Pyper will do just fine and earn a perfect 10 on form soon enough.

Nikki said...

That's so funny!! Hope the rest of the time w/ the extra little one is good! Ps...You did great at dinner, even though you were out numbered!!!!