Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcome, Pyper!

For the next few days, we get to have Pyper in our family. Ashlie and Andy went to New York for a little trip, and Pyper is staying with us. She woke up this morning and asked where her mommy and daddy were. When I said that they had gone bye-bye, but she could play with me and Jordan, she had a look of TERROR on her face. It melted my heart. We did what we could do distract her from the lack of her parents.

She and Jordan took a bath and had breakfast. Jordan is so excited to have her here. He keeps showing her some of his favorite toys and is watching over her like a big brother.

We went to the park after lunch time when I decided they weren't quite tired enough. So after about 30 minutes of romping around on the playground and running on the grass, they went down for naps.

That brings me to now. I am enjoying a few minutes of quiet while the little munchkins sleep. It won't last long before we'll be at it again!


Nikki said...

That is so awesome that you would do that for your friends!! She is a cutie and I can totally see Jordan watching over her. What a cutie! You are a great friend. And three is even harder!!

Becky Driggs said...

I love the picture, but where is Jordan?

Wynter said...

She is so cute, she looks just like Ashlie. =) I bet its fun to have her around... It wont be long now before Jordan will be asking for a brother or sister.. get to cracking ;)

Andy said...

I don't know how you got her to smile like that. I can't ever get her to do that for me. I miss her so much! THansk for watching my little baby for me. We are having fun, but really do miss our little precious:). Call you tonight. (and tomorrow, and tomorrow night, and the next day etc.:)