Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Calling All Altoid Tins!!!

I am approaching the busiest shopping season and am running horrifyingly low on empty altoid tins. If you don't understand why this is a problem, you must not visit my online shop often enough. Shame shame.

Anyway, I use these empty tins to make scrapbooks that I sell on my online shop. But the tricky thing is that I don't even like altoids.... so I am asking those of you out there that do like them to save me your empty tins. I give one dollar in store credit for every tin you send me. These can add up, so get eating!!


Ashlie said...

oink oink. If only I liked them, and they didn't leave your breath twice as bad as before you eat them...

I Am Nycole said...

What, out of my millions of reader (HA HA) nobody has tins for me?

Sniff sniff.