Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We Saw CHEESE!!!!!

OK, so my last post told you about "cheese." But if you're too lazy to read it, I'll recap. Jordan adores the show "Signing Time." It's a great program developed to help teach children sign language. (And since Aaron and I both sign, we'd really like to help J to learn too.) So, anyway, there is a song in one of the videos about pizza and it ends saying "don't forget the extra cheese." It's his favorite song. Ever. So he calls the video cheese.

Now to the good part. Last week while at the zoo, I saw that the cast from Signing Time would be doing a live performance at the zoo. So I marked my calendar and we went. During the show, Jordan was mesmerized. He refused to sign along (although he knew the songs), he wanted to just stare in wonder. But after, while taking a potty break, he happily sang the songs to me.

After lunch and a bit of a stroll around the zoo, we were headed back to the car and saw a line of people waiting to have their pictures taken with the cast from the show. So we hopped in line and took our turn. He got a big smile when it was his turn and yelled out "Cheese!" Rachel (the lady in the movies) gave me a puzzled look. I explained the situation to her and she accepted her new name happily.


Ashlie said...

I LOVE the story. I'm sad I missed it. It would've been fun to be with you guys. Maybe Pypes would've learned a thing or two.

and the conductor hat:)!!!!!

Rachel Coleman said...

Thanks for coming to the zoo! I am not sure that the nickname "Cheese" is going to catch on with too many others around me. LOL Just a special thing for me and Jordan.