Friday, January 11, 2008

My First Week Back to School

I've completed my first week back to school. I am taking English Composition. Here's is a summary of what I have learned:

As I look back on this past week, I am very excited! I was really nervous to begin school, since I am a little bit older than the average student. But after learning about my classmates, I realized that I am not such the minority after all. There are lots of people attending school later in life. I am also pleased to be able to complete my coursework from home. With technology advancing as it is, we are so lucky to be able to log in and attend class in our jammies. (Yes, I admit to wearing them a time or two while writing or completing an assignment. At the moment, I have fuzzy socks, blue pajama pants and a green sweater on. I look spectacular!)

I enjoyed (yes, enjoyed) reading about sentence fragments and the other topics we studied this week. I am a bit of a grammar nerd, and often very critical when reading material. It was nice to see that I, being the stickler that I am, left a period off one of my sentences. I would like to go with the story that it fell off, but I don’t think that will fly. Experiences such as that are nice to remind me of the little things such as periods.

I am also looking forward to writing the formal report. I am especially glad that we were able to choose our topics. Had I been assigned something to do with sports or politics, I’m afraid I may have failed miserably. (Well, maybe not. We do have Google, after all.)

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Wynter said...

I love you Nycole! When I come home from work I have been know to race to my room and throw on a pair of Pajama pants.. =)
Good luck with school!