Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Brother Nate

This is Nate. He's my 17 year old brother. He's an awesome drummer and a rad guy. He spent a few days with me last week before leaving for a vacation in Ohio.

We should have known he would be a drummer. When he was a toddler, he used to "head bang." By this, I mean that he would rock front and back and bam his head into the car seat. He would do this anytime we got in the car to go anywhere. It would usually put him to sleep. He's always had an uncanny sense of rythm.

Nate is a loving person. He always considers the thoughts of others around him and is often the first person to give me a hug when I enter the room. I love Nate.


Gregg and Becky said...

I think he is your favorite brother! But you are his favorite sister unless Ashlie reads this and then..... well you know.

Wynter said...

haha, I remember him sittin in the front room head banging on the couch all the time, and his little girl friend faith. ;)
Those were the good ol days! =)