Thursday, March 5, 2009

Speaking of Fish....

...isn't it funny how my men sleep like dead fish? They have the open mouth fish face that just begs for a picture. Aren't they cute?

Anyway, it's time for a quick update. My family (parents and siblings still at home) moved to MEXICO last week. Yep, Mexico. While we are here battling cold and snow, those losers are frolicking on the beach somewhere. I hope they get all get sunburns.

Seriously, I'm very sad to see them go. Jordan still doesn't understand and asks daily if we can go to Grandma's house. It sucks. I hope they come home soon.

On another note, I'm moving right along in school. A few weeks ago I got the wonderful news that I PASSED my math class. It was one I struggled with for the past six months and even had a couple tutors helping me along the way. But I finally made it and can move on. Now I'm taking Accounting, which is actually pretty interesting. I'm also taking Geology to satisfy a science credit. It's rather boring. But now I can tell you approximately how old a rock is, if you care.

Aaron continues to be a great daddy and hubby. He and Jordan play "monster" and frequently fill the house with squeals of delight. (Yes, both of them.)

We are all itching to get out and enjoy warm weather. A few times this week, it's been above 55 degrees and Jordan and ridden his bike while I work in the yard. It's only a matter of time before we can do that on a regular basis.

Oh, this picture is Jordan after being caught in my makeup. He told me he was a tiger. Rawr!


Wynter said...

Super cute... at lest he didnt say he was dressing as a drag queen ;)

Becky Driggs said...

Come enjoy warm weather in Mexico!!!