Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome, Elliott!

The time has come for Jordan to have his first pet. And since I REALLY don't want to clean up pet hair or scoop poop, we thought that a fish would be a safe bet. Jordan and I admired them one day at good old Wal Mart, but did not find one that was perfect for our family. Then, last night, Aaron surprised us both with Elliott.

Putting the tank together and transferring this little guy into his new home was no easy task. Luckily, Aaron took most of the work upon himself, ensuring that our new friend would find his new diggs accommodating.

After about an hour of cleaning, arranging and transferring, Elliott was happily swimming in his new home.

Wish us luck. I really don't want to be flushing this sucker anytime soon.

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Jennifer said...

Just a little word of advice, don't fill his tank too full. We had an exceptionally cute little black fish jump out of its tank at our house. I had grown very attached to the little guy too, with its fun little personality. :)