Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Week of Mom's Meals

Now that my mom is gone, I'm really missing her food. It was SOOO nice to have them live so close and convenient for dinner. I got very spoiled. Anyway, in her honor, I've decided to cook one of her meals every day this week. (Except Wednesday. Aaron and I will celebrate our nine year anniversary and are going out!)

So, tonight was night one. Aaron worked, so I was able to make whatever I wanted. Which worked out well, because we had barely anything in the house, so I had to be creative. One meal my mom makes that I love (and Aaron does not) is tuna fish gravy over toast. It's an acquired taste, I realize. So just humor me.

Here's the recipe, in case you're interested.

1 can of tuna fish
2 cups of milk
1 Tbs butter
1 tsp flour

Boil tuna fish and milk. Add mixture of flour and water to thicken. Remove from heat, add butter and a ton of pepper. Let sit for a minute until thick. Pour over toast. Enjoy!


Jennifer said...

My Mom actually used to make that recipe too! I also like it. It is especially nice too because I usually have all the ingredients on hand. Thanks for sharing!

Wynter said...

lol, I think I had that at your house once.. weird ;)

Ashlie said...

Nasty. I was telling Deon about this and she thought it sounded pretty gross. I don't think I'd like it now either though. How did the other recipes turn out?