Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Me and my boys

Since I'll probably refer to them often, you should get acquainted with my husband, Aaron and our son, Jordan.

Jordan turned two in January and is a bundle of energy. He keeps us busy with things most two year olds do. He loves to sing and is learning sign language (his parents are both fluent in ASL.) In the mornings, Jordan goes to preschool and makes art projects, sings songs and eats snacks. He loves it.

While Jordan is learning his ABC's, mommy goes to work for a staffing company. I do various administrative tasks for the national organization. Sometimes I coordinate new office openings, create presentations or run and share weekly data. It sounds boring, but I love it!

Aaron is a full time police officer and part time radio DJ. He keeps busy with all his jobs and activities.

Well, Jordan just woke from his nap, so I am off to hang out at the playground.


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