Sunday, May 20, 2007

TAG, I'm IT!!

I've been blog-tagged. (Actually, I was tagged several days ago, but am just now getting around to it.) How it works is once you are tagged, you write seven things about yourself in your blog. You then tag seven others to do the same. Look to the bottom of this post to see those that I have tagged. Have fun!

1) I am a novice sign language interpreter. I took a few classes, but mostly learned from the people. I enjoy opportunities to interpret occasionally.

2) I HATE cheese. All kinds. Except for Western Family Mac N Cheese or low doses of cottage cheese. Other than that, I can't stand the stuff.

3) I have two adopted sisters from China. My parents have five biological children, then the two girls they adopted. We're a wild bunch!

4) I am an obsessive frugal, penny pinching, bean counting, coupon cutting cheapskate. I will use something up or wear it out far beyond it's use before replacing it. I also try very hard not to spend money. I guess I'm hoping to put it all away for retirement or my son.

5) I am allergic to clutter. Too much stuff puts me into hysteria. I don't save much of anything, and sometimes it gets me into trouble. I've been known to throw away important papers or keepsakes in the name of clutter. Don't leave your crap out for me to find...or you may lose it forever!

6) I'm a great singer. Too bad you'll never hear me, though. My only audience is the shampoo bottle and bar of soap in the shower.

7) I'm finally liking my short haircut. I've kept it long for so many years, I needed a change. It's been very easy to do in the morning, but not all that attractive. (Come on, you know you've wanted to tell me so.) But it's finally taking on a style that I like. Now I have to figure out how to stop it from growing so darn fast.

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Patricia's Art said...

Cool blog! Love your scrapbooks!

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Fun to learn about you. I need you to come to my sewing room - if you could contain yourself in seeing the "clutter" you just might be able to dive in and organize me.

You have a darling family! and grate blog.