Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Well fine, then. I'll BLOG!!!

I don't consider myself a dummy when it comes to computers. But I've not felt the strong "urge" to join the millions of folks on the internet that "blog." Until now. I guess I've just heard enough about them and seen some pretty cool ones that I finally decided.."what the heck." So here I am.

I have been pretty good about writing in a journal religiously since I was about 10 years old. But lately I've slacked. Actually, I do keep up with recording what goes on in my life-but more in a scrapbook than actually writing it out.

So, we'll see. Maybe this will take and I'll keep up on things. Maybe not. But throw some love my way, and I'm sure it will help motivate me to keep coming back.


1 comment:

Chereebee said...

Horray!!! I love blogs!! I haven't actually started a blog myself but I read tonz of them and they are so much fun!!! Keep the posts coming cuz you difinately have one buddy that will be reading them!! : )