Saturday, May 5, 2007

grumpy me

I'm having a bad day. No reason. Nothing in particular is going wrong. Maybe it's the weather. It's cold and rainy. I like rain, but not cold. And I keep dropping things. Have you ever noticed when your day is going rather crappily that you can't hold anything? It all jumps out of your hands. Like even the object you are holding doesn't want to be around you. But I digress.

We are going up to Logan this afternoon to stay the night. Tomorrow my little niece, Pyper, is being blessed. It should be a fun occasion. My mom made the blessing dress. I hear that it's four feet long. For a 3 month old girl. Yikes! But it's rumored to be beautiful.

When I read this post back to myself, it even has a grumpy undertone. I do apologize for that. If you want to make me happy, go shopping on my site. I always do a happy dance when I sell something. (Well, after I stare at the computer screen in awe that someone actually paid money for something I made.)

I hope to be in better spirits tomorrow. We'll see....

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moogan said...

hi, i found you on the etsy forums. I've blog tagged you. see my blog for details and if you'd like to play along.